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Protecting Children Using Megan's Law

California first implemented a sex offender registration program in 1947 to help keep track of persons convicted of certain sex crimes. In 1996, California enacted Megan's Law, which for the first time provided the public with photographs and descriptions of convicted sex offenders who have registered with local law enforcement.

The California Attorney General's Office maintains a Web site - www.meganslaw.ca.gov - that provides information on more than 63,000 persons required to register as sex offenders in California.

You can search the database by a specific sex offender's name, obtain Zip Code, city or county listings of registered offenders and get detailed profile information on each registrant.

Not all sex offenders have been caught or convicted. Most sex offenses are committed by family, friends or acquaintances of the victim. For more information, see How to Protect Yourself and Your Family, Facts about Sex Offenders, Frequently Asked Questions and Sex Offender Registration Requirements in California.

You can also view information about registered sex offenders in your Zip Code at the Oakland Police Department, 455 7th Street, Room 313. Information includes name and aliases, a photograph (if available), physical description including scars and tattoos, offenses committed by the registrant and the last registered county and Zip Code of the offender (offenders' addresses are not included).

Phone Numbers to Call for Information and Help

Oakland Police Department Megan's Law Line: (510) 238-2191 or 238-2189

California Department of Justice Sex Offender Identification Line: 1-900-463-0400 ($10 charge)

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Protecting Our Children Using Megan's Law: Safety Tips & How-to Information
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