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City Attorney Reports

The City Attorney's Office provides the below special reports to the City's executive and legislative branches to clarify policy and legal questions.


January 26, 2018 Tenth Progress Report Police Discipline


September 29, 2017 Ninth Progress Report Police Discipline

June 29, 2017 Eighth Progress Report Police Discipline

March 27, 2017 Seventh Progress Report Police Discipline


December 20, 2016 Sixth Progress Report Police Discipline

September 30, 2016 Fifth Progress Report Police Discipline

June 28, 2016 Fourth Progress Report Police Discipline

June 20, 2016 Report to the City of Oakland: Assessing the Potential for Conflicts regarding Consideration of Proposed Tenant Protection Measures

April 21, 2016 Third Progress Report Police Discipline


December 31, 2015 Second Progress Report Police Discipline

September 1, 2015 First Progress Report Police Discipline

February 5, 2015 FAQ: Oakland's Minimum Wage Law


September 25, 2014 City Attorney Saves Millions on Outside Counsel Costs

April 28, 2014 FAQ: Campaign-Related Activities by Elected Officials, Candidates, City Officers & Employees


April 11, 2013 City Attorney's Budget Proposal & Narrative FY 2013-15

April 9, 2013 Informational Report on Powers, Protocols & Procedures for Retention of Outside Counsel


March 22, 2012 Memo to All Staff: City Council Non-Interference in Administrative Affairs


December 7, 2011 Urgent Memo: Compliance with California Public Records Act

June 28, 2011 Neighborhood Law Corps Report: Best Practice to Abate Problem Liquor Stores

February 22, 2011 Memo from Chief Batts to the City Council on Civil Gang Injunctions

February 22, 2011 Report to Public Safety Committee on Targeted Civil Gang Injunctions Also see: Power Point Presentation to the Committee

January 21, 2011 Role of City Attorney as Legal Counsel for the Municipal Corporation which Acts Through Its Mayor and Other City Officers and Officials


April 27, 2010 Memo to Police Chief Batts: Oakland A's policy restricting certain signs from display at the Oakland Coliseum Also see: The Economic and Fiscal Impacts of a New A's Stadium in Oakland at Alternative Locations

March 2, 2010 Memo to City Administrator re: Parking Enforcement


November 18, 2009 Report on Status of Liquor Stores in Oakland


January 16, 2008 OIR Group Report


October 4, 2005 Emergency amendment to the rent adjustment ordinance (Municipal Code Chapter 8.22) to allow rental property owners to (1) charge temporary below market rate rent to persons displaced by disasters and (2) increase the rent to market rates at the end of the temporary period File ID# 05-0774

February 2, 2005 Informational Report: Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation v. City of Oakland File ID# 05-0072


November 16, 2004 Informational Report Regarding Decision by California Court of Appeal in Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corp. v. City of Oakland, Upholding Constitutionality of the City's Business Tax on Landlords File ID# 04-0894

July 20, 2004 City Attorney recommendation: A discussion and action on a report regarding allocating costs of general liability claims among city agencies according to a model used by the City of Phoenix File ID# 04-0637

July 6, 2004 Amendment to Assembly Bill 2523 - Nuisance Evictions: A discussion and possible action on a report regarding Assembly Bill 2523 that would require the City Attorney to issue nuisance eviction notices, limit recovery of attorney`s fees payable by landlords to the city, and require response to notices in 30 days File ID# 04-0578

May 4, 2004 Report Card on Oakland's Liquor Stores File ID# 04-0273

January 20, 2004 Recommendation regarding modifications to the City Council meeting schedule and Rules of Procedure and a Resolution repealing Resolution numbers 75563 and 76561 C.M.S. File ID# 003201-3