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Measure Y Parcel Tax

In 2004, Oakland voters approved the Violence Prevention & Public Safety Act (Measure Y), providing $20 million a year for violence prevention programs, police officers and fire services. A lawsuit challenging the implementation of Measure Y was filed in April 2008.

Before the vote on Measure Y, every registered voter in Oakland received an independent analysis from the City Attorney's Office that accurately described how the law worked. The Superior Court has ruled that the Measure Y ballot language was "plain on its face" and that the city could therefore collect the tax.

Press release: Measure Y parcel tax collection validated by court - with the judge's ruling

Read the lawsuit and case documents on the Superior Court Web site (case no. RG08380286)

Measure Y Legal Opinions by the City Attorney's Office:

March 31, 2009 Budgeting Measure Y Funds to Pay Police Officers Assigned to Neighborhood Beat Positions that the City Filled Before the Voters Approved Measure Y

February 7, 2008 Use of Measure Y funds to recruit Measure Y officers

January 24, 2008 Powers of the Measure Y oversight committee

January 3, 2008 Allocation of Measure Y money between violence prevention and public services