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City Attorney Barbara J. Parker

April 25, 2017

Statement from City Attorney Barbara J. Parker on Order Blocking Federal Government from Withholding Funding from Sanctuary Jurisdictions

U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California Case Numbers:
17-cv-00574-WHO and 17-cv-00485-WHO

Oakland, CA - Today’s federal court ruling is a victory for our constitutional democracy and the separation of powers that allows courts to check a brazenly lawless executive branch.

Not only is the threat to strip federal funding from Oakland and other sanctuary jurisdictions unconstitutional, it undermines public safety and reflects disregard for the welfare of our communities, our children and our families.

Oakland and a broad coalition of cities, counties and other local jurisdictions filed an amicus brief asking the court to block this executive order. This is a great day in these grave times. It is tragic that this administration’s actions require us to expend so much energy and so many resources when we otherwise could be working to move our country and world forward to provide affordable housing and health care for all, implement policing reforms, protect the environment, provide decent public education, eliminate poverty, ensure racial and social justice for all and make positive strides on so many other issues.

We will continue to stand up and fight these attacks on the fabric of our democracy.

Thank you to San Francisco and to Santa Clara County for their leadership and their work on these actions.

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