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December 23, 2018 City of Oakland files federal antitrust and breach of contract lawsuit against the National Football League, Oakland Raiders and the 31 other league teams; Governor Jerry Brown appoints Oakland Deputy City Attorney Colin Bowen as Alameda County Superior Court Judge

November 27, 2018 Oakland City Attorney and Centro Legal de la Raza secure settlement of lawsuit against hotel owners who violated workers’ rights; City Council passes Climate Emergency Resolution co-sponsored by the City Attorney; City Attorney appoints Public Ethics Commissioner with broad experience in law, policy and government ethics

October 11, 2018 City Attorney secures major settlement in environmental justice case; appeal of climate change ruling; new Chief Assistant appointed to oversee all litigation

August 24, 2018 Federal trial court dismisses climate change lawsuits against Big Oil companies; Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals rules Trump executive order targeting sanctuary jurisdictions is unconstitutional; Seeking candidates for appointment to the Public Ethics Commission

June 30, 2018 Outlaw debris hauler found in contempt; Oakland joins lawsuit against opioid manufacturers; Oakland's lawsuit against Wells Fargo can proceed; challenging the federal government's callous actions against the rights and interests of minorities

June 1, 2018 Chinatown tenant rights case; City of Oakland appeals coal ruling; Oakland opposes addition of a citizenship question to the 2020 census, and fights the government's unlawful attempt to deny contraceptive coverage nationwide

April 30, 2018 Injunction against debris hauling company that blew dangerous dust into West Oakland neighborhood; tenant rights ordinance co-sponsored by City Attorney; introducing NextRequest, the City's new on line public records request system

April 2, 2018 Top Climate Scientists Testify in Oakland's Lawsuit against Big Oil; City Attorney and Centro Legal de la Raza sue landlord for fake "owner move-in"; Oakland City Attorney and Public Rights Project Launch Partnership to Support Civil Rights, Economic Justice, Consumer Protection and Environmental Litigation

March 1, 2018 Environmental justice lawsuit against debris hauling company; state Supreme Court denies review of lead paint case; City Attorney's Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2016-17; City Attorney's Office recognized with Distinguished Service Award


December 30, 2017 15-year anniversary of the Neighborhood Law Corps; NLC shuts down illicit massage parlors; California Court of Appeal upholds verdict requiring companies to clean up Oakland homes contaminated with lead paint; Oakland Fights Back

October 13, 2017 Oakland files climate change lawsuit against top five oil and gas companies; fighting for the rights of sanctuary cities; Prosecutors Against Gun Violence oppose silencer bill

August 31, 2017 Neighborhood Law Corps shuts down human trafficking; City Attorney secures settlement in fraud lawsuit against bond insurance companies; Court hears appeal of lead paint lawsuit

July 31, 2017 Settlement secures redevelopment of former sausage factory; federal court denies Trump Administration's motion to dismiss lawsuits challenging sanctuary city executive order

July 1, 2017 New website introducing the Community Lawyering & Civil Rights Unit; City Attorney's Annual Report; Ninth Circuit upholds law banning deceptive abortion ads

May 23, 2017 NLC sues landlords who demolished tenant's home; U.S. Supreme Court rules cities can sue Wells Fargo for racially discriminatory mortgage lending; federal court blocks sanctuary city executive order & more

April 21, 2017 Lawsuit to stop massive overcharging by Oakland's recycling contractor; update on lawsuits challenging unconstitutional executive orders that would impose Muslim travel ban and strip sanctuary cities and counties of federal funding

March 31, 2017 Fruitvale tenant protection case; minimum wage lawsuit; amicus briefs challenging unconstitutional federal actions


December 31, 2016 Major case updates; expressions of gratitude; 2016 reflections

November 1, 2016 Strengthening Oakland's Campaign Reform Act; Woman Lawyer of Distinction Award

October 1, 2016 Oakland and California must do more to protect renters; updates on actions against abusive landlords; City Attorney in the Community

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