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The Oakland City Attorney's Office is organized into four legal divisions, an operations/support team and an Executive Team headed by City Attorney Barbara J. Parker.

Org Chart

City Attorney

Barbara J. Parker / City Attorney

Jamie Smith / Executive Assistant to the City Attorney

Executive Team

Chief Assistant City Attorney Doryanna Moreno / Advisory Division

Chief Assistant City Attorney Otis McGee / Litigation Division

Special Counsel Ryan Richardson / Labor & Employment Division

Special Counsel Maria Bee / Affirmative Litigation, Innovation & Enforcement Division

Chief Operations Officer Dara Wiseman / Operations Team

Chief of Staff Alex Katz / Communications & Policy

Advisory Division

Redevelopment, Real Estate & Rent Unit
Special Counsel Dianne Millner
Rafael Mandelman
Krishna Pettitt
Kent Qian

Land Use & Planning Unit
Supervising Deputy City Attorney Heather Lee
Celena Chen
Mark Wald

General Government & Finance Unit
Supervising Deputy City Attorney Dan Rossi
Kathleen Salem-Boyd
Pelayo Llamas
Amber Macaulay
Celso Ortiz

Litigation Division

General & Complex Litigation
Supervising Deputy City Attorney Colin Bowen
Jason Allen
Christina Lum
Michelle Meyers
Charles Vose

Law & Motion/Writs & Appeals
Jamilah Jefferson
Jennifer Logue
Selia Warren

Labor & Employment Division

General Labor & Employment
Caryl Casden
Allison Dibley
Harveen Gill
Veronica Harris

Oakland Police Departmental Counsel
Kim Bliss
Tricia Hynes

Affirmative Litigation, Innovation & Enforcement Division

General Public Safety & Code Enforcement Unit
Supervising Deputy City Attorney Rocio Fierro
Amadis Sotelo
Eli Ferran

Community Lawyering & Civil Rights Unit
Erin Bernstein

Neighborhood Law Corps
Patrick Bears
Melosa Granda
Scott Hugo
Farrah Hussein
Kevin King